Do Good By Design visualises your organisation.Helping everyone see the bigger picture and understand their role in making a better future.

Do Good By Design is a service for CEOs to design a better future for their organisation. You live and breathe your organisation, but are often too close to communicate the complexities of all the moving parts.Do Good By Design works with you to visually capture your current service. This makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Giving a bird’s eye view of the service ensures your organisation’s next moves are understood by everyone.Service design creates a shared visual model of an organisation built from many perspectives. It's not top down, bottom up or outside in.It is human-centred.

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ChekRite = Confidence
ChekRite gives you confidence
your assets are maintained and
your people are safe.

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Signposts for Living
Giving everybody and anybody
the capacity to live life
with a smug joy.


In 100 years, what had changed? Everything, yet nothing. 100 years ago women experienced isolation through physical distance. Now, women experience isolation even if surrounded by 100s of people.

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